Test your Pickleball abilities against other members of the community and beyond. We welcome participants from all over the area, and look forward to seeing you soon! 



Monthly mini-tournament covering levels 3.0-5.0. 

Competition involves round-robin play followed by a single elimination tournament.



August 29nd – Adult/Child Event




September 5th – 3.5 Women’s/Men’s/Mixed

September 12th – 4.0 Women’s/Men’s/Mixed

September 19th – 4.5+ Women’s/Men’s/Mixed

September 26th – Special Tournament Event TBD




October 3rd – 3.5 Women’s/Men’s/Mixed

October 10th – 4.0 Women’s/Men’s/Mixed

October 17th – 4.5+ Women’s/Men’s/Mixed

October 24th – Special Tournament Event TBD


  • Maximum of 8 teams per event.

  • Group Stage:  All teams play each other in round robin format (1 game to 11, win by 2) and are seeded based upon results

  • Final Stage:  Teams compete in single elimination bracket (1 game to 11, win by 2)

  • Championship Match:  Best 2 out of 3 games to 11 win by 2.


  • Gift cards are awarded to Winners/Finalists depending on the number of participants.


Members: $25/1 event, $40/2 events

Guests: $30/1 event, $50/2 events


impact cup

Series of 6 indoor events from November-April with the finale played in May

  • Teams earn points based upon their placement in each tournament

  • Top 8 teams from each division are invited to series ending event

  • All participants are eligible to win a free paddle and Impact Pickleball merchandise

  • Prize money awarded to highest point earning player in each division

  • Awards given to teams winning Impact Cup finale

  • Divisions:

    • Mixed:  3.5, 4.0+

    • Men’s:  3.5, 4.0+

    • Women’s:  3.5, 4.0+


Members & Guests: $25/event 

MINI Tourney

Weekly round-robin tournament with playoff for players 4.0 and above, November - April. Establish your own team or place yourself on the needing partner list. Participants receive points based upon their placement each week. There will be 2 sessions, October to mid-January and mid-January to May. Standings will be kept with top players receiving prizes at the end of the sessions and seasoned instruction at the start of the session but are left on their own to perform the assigned drills.

Fridays, 10-12pm

14 Tournaments per session


Members: $10/tournament, $84/session

Guests: $16/tournament, $140/session