A 1-hour session for individuals new to the sport of Pickleball. For those in the "Learn to Play" program, the classes are designed to be practice sessions for their private lessons.  Those that desire a little more experience before joining the regular Skills & Drills sessions can also attend. Prior approval by the instructor is required.

Included in Learn to Play program

Members:  $8/session

Guests:  $10/session

  • Selkirk AMPED Invikta Lightweight/Midweight
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intro to
skills & Drills
game play

Designed to provide participants an environment where they can put what they learned in Skills & Drills into actual game situations.  Participants are arranged based upon level and play 10-minute games, one with each person on the court.  Courts are adjusted after 3 rotations giving individuals an opportunity to move up or down.

Franklin X-40 Outdoor (Optic)
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learn to play

For individuals with little or no Pickleball experience.  includes 4 private lessons and 8 Skills & Drills Intro classes.  The program is intended to get folks up to the level where they can attend the regular Skills & Drills sessions.


Selkirk AMPED S2 Lightweight/Midweight
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30 minute sessions focused on a specific shot (drops, dinks, lobs, overheads, serves, returns, volleys, and transitioning), with an emphasis on mechanics and footwork. Class is designed to BOOST a player's competence in these areas.


Members:  $5/session

Guests:  $8/session

Onix Fuse Indoor (Orange)
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​​60 minute supervised session focused on strategy and point construction. Certain requirements will be imposed by the instructor to build an understanding of how to handle different game situations. Participants will rotate partners every 15 minutes to vary the playing experience.


Members:  $10/session

Guests:  $12/session

Dura Fast 40 (Yellow/Neon)

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