ERIE pickleball

Columbine Mine PArk 

 1936 Skyline Drive, Erie CO 80516

Erie Programs

Skills and Drills

60-minute class designed to polish the skills and improve your game.  Drills are fast paced and each week emphasizing a different part of the court.


Instructional sessions focused on 1-element of the game.  High intensity drilling and small groups make this a great way to improve your game fast!

Open Play

Provide participants with an environment where they can put what they learned in Skills & Drills into actual game situations. Sessions are scheduled by level so everyone has competitive play. 

Teen and Youth

Fun, challenging program for Youth and Teens between the ages of 8 and 17 who wish to either learn the game or improve their existing skills



HEad Instructor - Erie Courts

Will is an enthusiastic, energetic individual and lifelong athlete, having excelled in ice hockey, baseball, basketball, and Pickleball.  His proficiencies and interests are both diverse and wide ranging.  An avid outdoor enthusiast, he enjoys skiing, running, cycling, wake surfing, camping and hiking.  With a love of food and wine pairing, he’s a passionate cook and enjoys the challenge of providing true gastronomic experiences for friends and family, including his four daughters.   In his spare time, he writes song lyrics, boards and cares for dogs, and volunteers as an athletic coach and instructor for intellectually and developmentally challenged young adults.